Latimer Ventures is deploying our proven model to build (and exit) the next generation of Black & Hispanic Enterprise SaaS Unicorns.
Investment Thesis
We use tribal knowledge to source the best seed deals from the best diverse managers and connect them with acquirers to reach 8-10x figure exits.
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Our Team
We’re a team of entrepreneurs, M&A lawyers, fund managers, and corporate development leaders. Wherever you are, we’ve been.
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Our Process
We want to understand the nuances of the great businesses we invest in, how they fit into the market, and how best to support them with our networks.
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Meet Lewis Latimer
Lewis Latimer was a self-taught African-American inventor and electrical pioneer born to fugitive slaves. Over the course of his career as a draftsman, Latimer worked closely with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell to help design and patent the light bulb and telephone.
“It is rare that you meet someone and, after an hour, you are glad this person came into your life both professionally and personally. Luke’s vision and passion shine through, as does his persistence in making things happen. After I met him, I knew I needed to soak up as much of his entrepreneurial spirit and intellect as I could.”
Angie Huggins Breedlove, VicePresident of Retail at Assurant
“Luke’s message resonated to the thousands of students that have been through our doors. As a 12year old, he was one of our earliest students and built a business around his solar powered microwave concept. His story inspires us all.”
Suzanne Taylor, Director Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
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