Stage of Investment

The Post-Seed stage is critical to a company's development. Latimer Invests in exceptional companies at this stage to help drive their success and achieve Go-to-Market fit, building out new teams and talent, closing customers, and executing M&A. We actively partner with our founders by linking them with our tribal knowledge and our network of corporate buyers seeking diverse acquisitions.

Rolodex of Resources Gives Us an Unfair Advantage

We believe that the checks we write are not the most important resources we provide to our founders. Our abundance of resources enables founders to grow whether it is introductions to multiple corporate dev teams, installation of successful sales playbooks that are currently being implemented in fortune 300 companies across the globe, or working with our expert M&A team to receive a significant exit. 

Emphasis on Diversity

When we invest in a BIPOC company, the impact is felt far beyond an initial agreement. Networks link and grow, access expands, ideas mature, and new resources become available. One partnership fosters two more, and what once seemed impossible becomes inevitable.
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